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2019-2020 Strategic Planning Updates


Our mission is to inspire and prepare all students with the confidence, courage and competence to achieve their dreams; contribute to community; and engage in a lifetime of learning.


  • Each student articulates, plans for, and progresses toward his/her evolving dreams.
  • Each student chooses to contribute to community in a mutually meaningful way.
  • Each student demonstrates initiative and persistence to continually learn that which is important to him/her.
  • Each student is ready for kindergarten.**
  • Each third-grader can read at grade level.**
  • Each student graduates from high school.**
  • Each student is ready for college and career.**
  • The achievement gap is closed on all state-mandated measures.**

         ** Indicates one of Minnesota's World's Best Workforce goals


  • Create transformational system change to ensure equitable student achievement.
  • Develop understanding and support of our district’s mission and core values among members of our community.
  • Engage students and families as partners to achieve our mission and strategic objectives.
  • Leverage and align the talents of our employees and the assets of our system to achieve our mission and strategic objectives.

Our Core Values

We believe that—

  • lifelong learning is essential for the individual and community to thrive; 
  • everyone has equal intrinsic value; 
  • trust is essential to sustaining successful relationships and to achieving results; 
  • better decisions emerge when diverse perspectives are intentionally included in a collaborative process; 
  • everyone benefits when cultural differences are acknowledged and understood, and individuals are treated respectfully and equitably; and 
  • everyone can learn more.

Priority work for 2019-2020, by strategy 

We will create transformational system change to ensure equitable student achievement.*

  • All sites will engage in the use of culturally responsive instructional strategies.
  • At every elementary site, student outcomes and measurements of achievement are aligned, and pre-K is integrated into all school processes.
  • All sites will implement culturally responsive, research-based positive behavior intervention practices that include the use of trauma-informed and restorative practices.
  • All sites engage in the use of differentiated instructional strategies to support language learner success.
  • Students will experience learning that is personalized in path, place, and pace through strengthening teaching and learning practices that support student success.

*Equitable student achievement means:

  1. Ensuring high levels of achievement for all students, and
  2. Accelerating growth for students of color and other underperforming groups, in order to
  3. Close the achievement gap on all state-mandated measures.

We will engage students and families as partners to achieve our mission and strategic objectives. 

  • The district will implement a systemwide plan to engage and empower families to support their student(s).

We will leverage and align the talents of our employees and the assets of our system to achieve our mission and strategic objectives. 

  • Employees will identify and respond to the influence of race and culture on learning.
  • Effective staff recruitment and retention practices will build toward a workforce that reflects the demographics of enrolled students.
  • Implementation of the Enrollment and Capacity Management Framework will lead to increased community trust in the school district through engagement in long-range planning for enrollment and building use.


Additional School Board priorities for 2019-2020

  1. Onboarding of new superintendent
  2. Strategic planning
  3. Referendum decision

Strategy Delimiters

We will not adopt any new program or service unless it is consistent with and contributes to our mission, and is accompanied by the staff development needed for effective implementation; accept any behavior that demeans the worth of any person; and allow past practice to interfere with the consideration of new ideas.


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