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“Digital Learning” is using technology to engage students and personalize learning in order to accelerate equitable student achievement. It’s also the organizing concept for our Digital Learning For All project in Osseo Area Schools.

Our digital learning plan is the realization of our Digital Learning For All vision. The plan has three main components: iPads for enhanced learning and instruction; extensive use of the Schoology learning management system for communication and collaboration; and expanded online learning options for students.

In 2017–2018, all 4th–12th graders will receive iPads, approximately 14,000 iPads in all.

We offer families the option to purchase an iPad Protection Plan through our FeePay system the cost for this is $20. There is an annual family maximum of $40 for iPad Protection Plan. If you have three or more students in grades 4–12 who will be receiving school-issued iPads this year, please access and complete the Family Max form so we can make the necessary adjustments to your FeePay account. The Protection Plan may be purchased for the 2017–18 school year until October 27, 2017 or 30 days after a new student enrolls.